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name: Amber Jane Eclipse
gender: female
nicknames: Ambie,AJ,Bri and Annie
off nicknames: Royal Pain
Romantic date: taken (Multiship)
S/O: Straight
species: human
age: teenager (it depend on the rp)
father: Richard Eclipse (in hiding)
mother: Vida Eclipse (deceased)
adopted mother: Natalia-Clark
older sister: Lenore Eclipse
older brothers: David and Daniel Eclipse
uncle: Adrian Crevan aka Undertaker
son: James Eclipse
close friend: Darkness
butler: Andrew Mcsummers
maid: Sophie Sono
bodyguard: Rocktide (anthro crocodile) and Tank (anthro rhino)
Personality: Crazy, kind hearted, insane, emotional, childish and happy
powers: she can turn into a cat
weakness: caring too much,get upset to easily and caring for her friends

Amber got a huge fear of clowns, her fear is so bad that she can't face it. She's ticklish and tends to lie and say she's isn't.

She start to play the guitar and viloin at a young age and became very talented, she play her guitar at work and loves to play her viloin on the streets or at park to make people smile.

Amber hides from the Mafia and when she gets cought, she give them the money. she carries a stuffed bear,she pulls it out when she sleeps or when she's scared

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Amber Jane Eclipse
Artist | Literature
United States
Amber have a bulter Andrew Mcsummers (dog demon) who knowa everything about her and love her like a sister. Amber has an older sister, name Lenore.

Amber have pet red panda name Scuro. she's pretty mature for her age, she tend to date older men, she believe age is just a number. she can turn into a cat anytime she wants, her neko cat ears and tail appears when she's happy or calm.

Favourite movies: TRON Legecay,Star Wars,Ghost Rider,Cloudy chance with meatballs 1 & 2,Bolt,Who framed Rogar Rabbit,Star Trek,StarWars,Air Buddies,and movies about horses and dolphins
internet boyfriend :iconaceikith-alain::heart:
my real family

real brother :iconcomic-master:
Personal Quotes: "Never give up and fight like a warrior"

"if you show fear, you show weakness"

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